Birthday Recap

Favorite questions from last night’s all-edition Trivial Pursuit Game:

  • From All-Star Sports: “Which of baseball’s Niekro brothers sported the higher uniform number in 1983?”
  • From Young Players: “What TV game show gives away dream houses?

Answers after the jump.

  • Joe
  • Dream Houses

2 thoughts on “Birthday Recap”

  1. I enjoyed these from, I think, Genus I.

    Q: Has there ever been a strike in the NHL?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Kissing what stone gives you powers of persuasion?
    A: That’s not science. Well, maybe in Kansas.

  2. Actually that NHL strike was an All-St*r Sports question. It’s the exact sort of thing I’d expect from Genus I (or even Young Players), but surprisingly no.

    Or: thankfully. Both teams if I recall got pretty lucky on that edition.

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