Skullcandy! [Fist-shaking]

I broke my second pair of Skullcandy earbuds on the train ride up. I nodded off. They were plugged into the side of my laptop. The laptop slid off my tray table and hit my thigh, waking me up, and the plug bent literally out of shape and the wires got disconnected. I thought: these are expensive.* I thought: I’m going to fix these!

I went to Radio Shack, following some Web sites’ advice. Here’s what I ended up with:

Thanks, brother-in-law, for soldering help. Alas: it didn’t work. Not a sound came through. Then my sister came home from work, and she fixed them:

Thanks, sis, but oh, what a rickety little plug!

* Wrong. One can nab a pair on for about $10 shipped.