Advice Needed

It has recently come to my attention that I’m good at singing non-B-52’s songs in the voice of Fred Schneider. Favorites include X’s “White Girl” and Pavement’s “Cut Your Hair”. (Career! Career!) What’s not been made apparent, however, is how this talent may be rendered profitable. Ideas welcome.

In other news I’m allergic to cats, but if I had to get a cat, I’d go and get this cat:

Sisters, Cats, Ailments

I have sisters and these sisters have cats and I’ve been staying these past few nights with my sisters and their cats, back in old Northern Virginia. Here’s Alex:

He’s a bit crosseyed, and looks over your shoulder when he’s trying to look at you.

Here’s Whimbley:

She has arthritis in her forepaw and thus holds it in the air while seated.

Here’s me:

I’m allergic to cats.