My New Favorite List

  • Viagra, especially in regard to erections lasting longer than 4 hours.
  • Airplane Food.
  • Wearing Comical Clothing.
  • How the name iPad reminds one of feminine hygiene products
  • Prop Comedy
  • Why is there Braille at the drive thru.
  • The Comedian’s Personal Appearance, including;
    • The comedian’s resemblance to the probable offspring of an unlikely celebrity coupling, such as Chewbacca and Estelle Getty
    • Jokes about being bald.
  • Masturbation, specifically offering a number of slang terms for the act in rapid succession.
  • Michael Jackson
  • Outdated topical humor, such as a joke about Lorena Bobbit or the Macarena.
  • Ethnic taxi drivers.
  • Hurricane names.
  • Terror alert codes.
  • Impressions
    • Presidents.
    • Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    • Christopher Walken.
    • Tony Montana
    • Using racial slurs.
    • Racial Minorities, especially Asian, Indian, Black and Latino.
    • Ethnic Minorities, especially Italian or Jewish.
    • The Comedian’s own Mother or Father.
  • Differences Between Groups of People.
    • Men vs. Women / Boys vs. Girls.
    • Black people vs. White people vs. Latinos vs. Asians.
    • Homosexuals vs. Heterosexuals
  • Differences between cats and dogs.
  • References to Steroids use.
  • Invading Canada.
  • Midget jokes.
  • Jokes about the differences between Los Angeles or New York and another place in America.
  • Jokes about being part one race and part another, and halfway embodying stereotypical characteristics of each.
  • References to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV); the length of time spent in queues, the demographics of those lining up, etc

From Wikipedia.

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