“Brothers” ? Emmet Otter’s Jugband

The song that everyone’s been waiting for, just in time for the end of January when the Xmas season is so far away not a soul wants to think of it. “Brothers” isn’t in any way a holiday song, but those unfamiliar with the movie you’ll find it in should head over here and start reading. I’ll take anyone in a battle royale to the cold, grueling death over whether there’s a better Emmet Otter song. (“Riverbottom Nightmare Band” fans I’m looking in your directions.)

I’m not the sort of guitar player who does well with riffs and ditties, particularly in folksy/bluegrass/jugband genres. But lemme try to get the opener down to give you an idea:


How much alike we are! Perhaps we're long-lost brothers?
We even think the same! You know, there may be others.
Am                                   C/G  C/A  C/Bb   C/B
                 We can always use a friend.
Am                                                         G  G7  Gadd6  Gadd5
This family just keep growing! This family doesn't have to end!

Verse 2:
So many things to learn! But we'll enjoy each lesson.
Problems don't worry us when half the fun is guessin'.
                 Live a lifetime of surprise.
We'll all become musicians, and leave the wonder in their eyes.

Then there’s a fancier ditty than the one that opens the song and a kind of G7-C ending. Note the ways the notes walk up and then down in the chorus.

5 thoughts on ““Brothers” ? Emmet Otter’s Jugband”

  1. dave,

    I LOVE this movie. I loved it’s wonderful story as a child, and I continue to appreciate its beauty and meaningful message as an adult. And as I have always enjoyed belting a tune …this cute little gem offers plenty! I love that you posted this song. I have always enjoyed playing and singing music, but have never mastered the ability to bring out chords or riffs on my own. And after scouring the internet for chords to Brothers/In Our World (when Emmet, his friends, and his mother all sing together)…i have come up short. However…it lead me to this post. So, is there any chance you know/could figure out the chords (piano or guitar) to that song? If not, no worries…just reaching out to see if I have possibly found my answer!? Thanks for your time and again thank you for the post! :)

  2. I love this movie too! And now I am trying to find sheet music, or at least chords, for Brothers/Our World. Any idea where I could fnd it? Thank you!

  3. Stacy:

    Glad to hear from another Emmet Otter fan. Sorry. I haven’t been able to find this one, either. If I can pick out the chords sometime, I’ll be sure to post:

  4. Favorite holiday movie?! Bah, its my favorite movie movie of all time! I find myself quoting it unconsciously. Half of fifty cents, half of fifty cents… i could go on and on… ahhhh cant wait til December!

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