BlogWeek, Final Day: Lorraine Nelson: A Biography in Post-it® Notes

To end the chiefly spiteful/sickly BlogWeek on a positive note, The Cupboard has just release its latest volume: Lorraine Nelson: A Biography in Post-it Notes. This was the winner of our first-ever contest, and it’s also (essentially) our first-ever work of nonfiction. A happy union.

It’s about a person who may be real and a job that feels all too real. Michael Martone (whose new book, Four for a Quarter is the exact sort of thing we would have loved to publish, if [when?] The Cupboard ever prints full-length books) selected the book among the finalists. Here’s what he had to say on it:

It’s made up of surprising but complex asides, elaborated and compacted articulations that scale beautifully into a durable and brilliant skin, a chain mail of associative links and leaps. The language is massive and minute, mute and malleable. The whole piece performs the paradox, recombining the airy ephemeral with an adhesive that does, in fact, stick.

Lorraine Nelson‘s one of our best volumes ever, and only $5. You can order a copy here.

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