Potential Writers’ Conference Panels, An Unordered List

  • Anything But the Truth: Lies in Nonfiction
  • Tin-Ears & Toss-Offs: Writing with a Disregard for Language
  • The Nonfiction Novel in Verse: Tomorrow’s Genre, Today!
  • Against Self-Expression
  • The Epic Essay
  • Regionalism as Fascism: Writing Against the Tyranny of Place
  • The Grass Castle: Marijuana & Memoir
  • Frisky Business: Writing Lucrative Erotica with Your Cat
  • Mem-wahr or Mem-wah?: Coming to Terms
  • So You Didn’t Get in to Iowa: Next Steps
  • Short Talks: Making Your Public Reading Feel Less Endless
  • Scrambling the Acronym: Queer Writers Queering the “Queer”
  • Guide My Hand: A Poetics of the Masturbation Scene
  • Magical Realism or Magic Irrealism: Must a Distinction Be Made?
  • The “Writers’ Conference”: New Ideas for Bringing Writers in Conversation Together
  • Meow, That Hurt!: Writing Lucrative Abuse Memoirs with Your Cat
  • Plots: Why Are They So Hard to Come Up With?
  • Writing What You Know: Dealing with the Void
  • The End of the Poem: Getting Your Entire Public Reading Audience to Sigh and Nod
  • Tricks of the Trade: Writing Solely for Money
  • Anyone wanna do a thing for AWP in 2012?

One thought on “Potential Writers’ Conference Panels, An Unordered List”

  1. So many good titles there…. what about “how not to bore the bejesus out of people at your reading?” or “how to com off as a putz” or “how to ask questions in question and answer sessions” (that last one with inteactive examples from friends in the audience to demonstrate).

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