Two Ways of Looking at Falseness: Part 2

I’ve been a fan of pro wrestling for a long time. Not the inspiredly named NES game pictured at right (about which I can only recall that The Amazon, part-snake, part-man, was unstoppable—at least when wielded by my friend Darrell), but the spectacle that’s now marketed as Sports Entertainment. I shouldn’t be a fan of sports entertainment. I’m so rarely entertained by sports. Fortunately, professional wrestling is to sports what the Jonas Brothers are to rock stars.
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Living the Dream?

Vince McMahon (possible future boss)
Vince McMahon (possible future boss)
World Wrestling Entertainment has a position open for a creative writer. I’m getting a PhD soon in creative writing. It seems like a natural fit.

One needs to both live in or near Stamford, Conn., and also be willing to travel (supposedly for last-minute script changes?). They require three to five years TV production or writing experience which of course I don’t have. Also a familiarity with WWE superstars and their histories and narrative development. I’m no WWE PPV subscriber, but when pressed I could parlay with one about who I think should win. Er: “win.”

Against, perhaps, my better judgement I’ve applied. Will keep folks posted.