Help Needed from Readerly Friends

I’m writing a course proposal for a class I’m unoriginally calling “Weird Stories”. So: stories that don’t do anything expected or familiar either in terms of form or content. Here are some texts I might use:

Donald Barthelme, “On the Deck”
Lydia Davis, “Marie Curie, So Honorable Woman”
Franz Kafka, “The Country Doctor”
Nikolai Gogol, “The Nose”
David Foster Wallace, “Oblivion”
J. Robert Lennon, “The Accursed Objects”
Christine Schutt, “You Drive”
Kelly Link, “Lull”

Speaking of lulls, I’ve got one in my thinking. Can anyone help me think of stories that are great, mostly in the way they flat-out confuse or confound their readers?