I Try Out Some New Voice Recognition Software

So tonight I have some things that I have to do once I’m done with this ongoing call Adam. Then I might reread Mary and of glasses essays, but that something that I might stay for tomorrow night. I think that the quality of the voice recognition gets worse the further aware of the computer the further away I am from the pewter and. But all the same it’s going well enough to recognize what I said originally, so my intention to use this in a classroom where students are telling anecdotes is probably going to be successful.

So after I call Adam and after I reread the essay’s library and a loss that is very end of boss, I need to call Neil’s–nice try, but it’s actually spelled and E a L–some, and you need more work recognizing my words.

‘s it somewhat more tedious to do this that is actually just type this is not increasing my productivity like your program promises or rather your packaging promises slung my productivity down. Maybe nestle under. McGinty take more tests so that you must live vocal patterns. Maybe I can talk more slowly, or speak more closely to the microphone. However I’m having a hard time coming up with reasons to use you, other than maybe in speech therapy. Life, maybe what it is that I can do with this program is learn how to talk slowly and to equate writing with this kind of cadence speech. (Nice job on hearing cadence although you did not hear the last D.)

Another thing that I do, is in preparation for reading, print out the story or or essay I intend to read and then read aloud while you are running the background. This way I can take the text that I create through dictation and match it up with the text that I printed out.

What does it do to Richard Powers novels that he writes them this way? It seems so much more tedious to delete anything that I say then it would be to delete anything that I typed, that it seems as though it would make me be so much more hesitant to producing some of more hesitant to try ideas out out loud and it’s almost as though ones novels become a kind of her personal in one’s head memorization of the text before the Texas produce, and us every novel is this kind of performance of what one’s already come up with in one subconscious. The

I also have to unload the dishwasher. I imagine you can help with that. I imagine that you can’t help me with that. Maybe one thing that you are good at is making us restate ourselves again and again so that errors that corrected and we can see both versions and choose the best in revision?

Then again hearing them having produced almost an entire page of text. Then again here I am, having produced almost an entire page of text. One things for sure, I’m going to start using a lot less, does that I already do if you’re going to make me say, every time one. I mean I’m going to start to use far fewer the word commons, see 0M and AES, then I already do.

You would not be very good at listening to and transcribing the punctuation manual.