Book Trailers!

Books have trailers now, too, have you heard? It’s a thing I may want to be wrangling with, soon, so I’ve done some research. Turns out there’s a much broader variety of approaches than what we’ve come to expect in film trailers. (Which makes sense probably.) More than two voiceover artists are used, for starters.

If by “favorite” I mean “the one that most made me want to buy and read a book I hadn’t previously been much interested in buying and reading,” here’s my favorite:

Yes, that’s Pynchon’s voice. You have, like with so many great books, to wait until the very end to get to the best part.

Yours truly = open to ideas for a trailer on a book that uses taxidermy to get at human-animal relationships. Yours truly = even more open to any video-production expertise thhat could be shared.