Today’s Brain Stumper (II)

Q: How did Jeanne Tripplehorn become famous?

A (with spoilers): In 1967, Jeanne Tripplehorn was swinging on the swings at a playground in Rancho Cucamonga drinking a YooHoo when a casting agent walked by looking for a strategic place to park the stroller that held his infant son, the better to hit on the vicinity’s single and/or interested mothers. She drank her YooHoo without a straw and yet didn’t spill an ounce on her bright pink T. “You sure are enjoying that chocolate bottled drink beverage,” he said, getting gravel in his espadrilles.

Jeanne Tripplehorn pumped with her pale, fauny legs and said, “Yeah.”


“What’s your name, little-girl-on-the-swings?”

Jeanne Tripplehorn said, “Jeanne Tripplehorn. Like a unicorn, but three times better.”
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