Windell Middlebrooks

windellHas anyone seen the new Miller High Life ad campaign? Well: “new”. The one where some distributor/deliveryman wiseacre crashes upper-crust fetes at the horse track and I think a yacht? and kidnaps their untouched cases of Miller High Life to then redistribute / -deliver said cases to “common sense” folk?

Putting aside the whole general dumb offensiveness of the ad—and the way many people still assume class snobbery is unidirectional from the top down—I have to admit its cleverness. Or at least Miller High Life’s malleability. Let’s stop and look once more at the name of the beer—”High Life”—and remember that this is a beer that likens itself to champagne on its label. In a time when any touches of the upper class are to be met with near-universal loathing (at least on TV), what’s a fancypants beer to do?

One solution: fire Errol Morris, and hire the Robin Hood of beer.

His name is Windell Middlebrooks, and for Lincolnites, he’ll be at the 27th & Cornhusker Super Saver this Friday 6 November from 10am to 11:15am.

Let’s not ask how I know this.