maystephen’s mixtapes

About 90 percent of everything I know about music I know from two friends who both now live (not together) in Brooklyn. One of those is my Pittsburgh friend Steve who has been making and sending me mixes for so long that the first ones were on tape, because few of us had CD-burning laptops even at the turn of the century.

At any rate, I’m still without my laptop, which means I’m without my iTunes music to write to, and while I’ve enjoyed the stuff has tossed my way based on recommendations I’m ready this morning for something new. And then I remembered it’s been a while since Steve sent me a mix, and but that they were now all available (well most of them are new) on

You can find them at, where they stream through your Web browser. There’s classic country, gangsta rap, French soul, British postpunk, and classic alt-rock. I’m listening to “MCMCXIII” right now, and reliving teen years.