I Review Myself, Posted as Promised Below

The very cool blog, We Who Are About To Die just published a review of my Stamp Story with Mud Luscious Press, which asks writers to write a story in exactly 50 words. Or is it 50 words or fewer? And then prints these stories on a stamp. Mine’s an excerpt from the taxidermy book.

(It occurs to me that an interesting way to go about doing this would be to write 1.6 words each day for the month of November.)

At any rate, you’ll find the review here. Of course I panned it. Can one possibly not? There are other self-reviews on WWAATD, and it would be cool to watch this become a genre of writing. In this, its protean stages, self-deprecation is (I think?) the norm. Who will be the self-reviewer to smash convention and love his own work? Or the self-reviewer who … reviews someone else in his own self-review!

I now regret the tack I took.