Gay Halloween

gay_halloweenThis is a thing now?

According to NBC Must-See Thursday it is. First-up on the so-much-greater-than-last-season Parks and Recreation was, oh, the young intern girl in the office. The one who I think was in the latest Judd Apatow. The one with the boyfriend who himself has a boyfriend (hilarious). One of her talk-to-the-camera cutaways involved complaining about the lameness of Ann(e)’s party. “I passed over a gay Halloween party for this. Have you ever been to a gay Halloween party? They’re incredible. Last year I saw three Jonas brothers make out with three Robert Pattinsons, it was amazing.”

Then one of 30 Rock’s plot lines involved the male writers trying to be nice to Jenna in order to get in with her gay posse and get invited to a gay Halloween party, because it’s where all the hot girls are.

I’ve thrown at least one Halloween party. Maybe two. But this was back when I was playing it straight, so no wonder they were boring, I guess. I’ve never been to a gay Halloween party. I’ve been invited to meet up with some folks tomorrow night at the Q, which for outsiders is Lincoln’s gay danceclub. It sounds to me even more terrifying than the Q on every other night.

Is it a thing? First Oscar night and now this. Maybe we’re quietly taking over the nation’s holidays. When people scheme to get into Gay St. Patrick’s Day parties* you’ll know we’ve fully arrived.

* The rainbow? “Corned beef”? It’s perfect.