Some Hackneyed Ideas about Tech Use

So: everyone knows about the flow from early adopters to late adopters and if you haven’t read Gladwell’s The Cool Hunt from 1997 that details this whole progression just go read it, if anything for details about what was cool among NYC street kids in 1997. But here’s something I’ve been thinking about.

Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is, well let’s just say it’s my album of 2010 because it may have been the only album released in 2010 that I bought in 2010 (and I didn’t like The Suburbs). And there are all kinds of tracks that use auto-tune. And the auto-tune use is incredible. One track (I don’t know the names yet) ends with what sounds like this droning synth, changing notes every bar or so. But this sound is cut up with the distorted intake of breath. And yer like: Oh, that’s Yeezy just like humming while auto-tune is on. And putting the distortion on, proverbially, eleven.
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