Passive Aggressive Hometowns

aggressivenoteHerndon, Virginia, the town I’m from, has been popping up in the oddest places lately. First on Patton Oswalt’s DVD Werewolves and Lollipops, and now on one of the blogs I semi-frequent. The site’s a depository for people to send in scans/photos of notes they’ve found or been left that usually form some kind of complaint, and are often darling in how angry they are.

Lord knows I’ve written my share over the years.

The one from Herndon is here. If I had to guess the restaurant I’d go with the Amphora. What’s doubly-odd about it is that this post is followed by one from Sioux Falls, S.D., which is N’s hometown.

No reason for this post, really. Just a place to spend a few minutes every week.