New Cupboard Volume: Andrew Borgstrom's <em>Explanations</em>

At last! After a prolonged delay caused by trying to figure out the workings of this pamphlet series I co-edit now that I live in a new state, the next volume of The Cupboard is out and ready for you .

Andrew Borgstrom’s Explanations is a deceptively slim volume, comprising just thirty-six voices explaining the ways of the world. But such voices! And such ways of such a world! It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite, but here’s one I love incredibly:

A Critical Thinker Explains Of and For

Oxygen! That’s what I would die for, fight for, fight to the death for, die gasping for. If I died of lung cancer, I would have died for cigarettes, and for freedom, and for pleasure, and of addiction. The coroner will say you died of something, and the eulogist will say you died for something. It’s largely setting. Some of us die fors, but all of us die ofs. They want you to tell them what you’re willing to die for, but not what you’re willing to die of. If you don’t know what you would die for, you may not know what you’re living for, but you can be assured it’s the oxygen you’re living of.

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