Third-Person Blogging – part one

nazarioAmanda Nazario is a writer, DJ, dogwalker, and artist living in New York. She grew up there, right on the upper-west side, and as a native she’s somehow reached her thirties without ever learning to drive. With such public transportation, who would blame her?

Now she’s going from never once driving a car to driving a van across the country, wireless Internet broadcasting equipment in tow, and bringing her radio show, Nazario Scenario on Washington Heights Free Radio, to the masses. Billed at as “your scene if you like singalongs, rollicking hilarity, sweetness and light, or general merriment,” NS is like that right sort of themeless eclectic mixtape your friend that knows more music than you do makes on a whim and sends to your mailbox one afternoon. You’ll hear Willie Nelson and ELO and Superchunk within a fifteen-minute interval—and it’ll sound exactly right.

To raise the funds, Amanda’s signed up with fundraising Web site Kickstarter, which enables people to pledge money to the project without much risk. The Mobile Nazario Scenario needs $10,000 to happen, and it needs this money by October 15. If—heaven forbid—the money doesn’t get raised, everyone walks away as though nothing happened.

But what if she got the money? What if you helped make the project happen?

Here’s Amanda, to give you a sense of why you should head over to her project and donate whatever you can.
interview with Amanda after the jump