Untitled Taxidermy Project

No, this one’s not about my book. Back last summer, Variety reported that a company called Stiletto Television was going to produce, in the terms of the industry, “a late fall special [on taxidermy] that will act as a backdoor pilot for an upcoming series.” Stiletto Television has previous produced Barry Manilow specials and that very bad Nemesis Rising show for Logo that I guarantee not a single reader of this blog ever watched. It’s also done series for OUTTV and something called GayborhoodTV.

And now taxidermy. Or, well, not now but maybe later. I’ve kept a lazy eye on this project and nothing has happened since July. You can check out the ghost-town of the special’s IMDb page. “Development hell.” This is another industry term I know.

Here’s a recent update from Stiletto Entertainment’s (parent company) Facebook wall:

Barry blew the roof off of the emotional and very moving Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway on Saturday.
The staid audience came alive when he began to perform.

As even Mr Manilow must know, dead heads of state are one thing, but dead heads of ungulates are a whole different audience altogether.

Oh boy. Is this the point where my blog becomes an online petition to get Barry Manilow hosting a TLC series on taxidermy?