John Tesh is on the Radio, and He Wants to Help You

teshbookDid you know that Tesh is kind of a media empire now? From Entertainment Tonight host to Yanni-lite act to syndicated radio host. He’s on before Delilah, I think, on at least two stations in the Omaha/Lincoln broadcasting area.

To differentiate his act from others, Tesh has come up with this factoids-as-public-service bent. “Intelligence for Your Life” is the slogan, and it involves Tesh cutting into the songs he plays with such advice or wisdom as “Ride your bike around town instead of joining a gym” to save $5,000 a year.

Or, and this is new, vocabulary words. There’s a contest on Tesh’s Facebook page (17,589 fans as of this post) where if you can use the vocabulary word of the day in a sentence, you could win $100. Is it a lot of money? No. Is it worth submitting to? Probably not. Does Tesh allow such sentences to be only 255 characters long? Yes, alas.

Tonight’s word: copious. Here’s my sentence:

In an unlit room, Mary Hart tips out the last drop of Tussin and takes a quick survey: regrets, illusions, scented candles—copious.

Just 131! I’ll let you know what I do with the money.