2015 Reading Roundup

One feature of this blog is over there at the left: “What I’ve Been Reading”, a (lazily updated) spreadsheet of the books I finish. Those looking for more up-to-date info on my reading habits should befriend me on Goodreads. Turns out I read only 30 books in 2015, which is down 10 from 2014. But three of those were Knausgaards, so….

Here’s a statisticsy breakdown of those books, for people keeping track:

  • GENRE: 14 nonfiction, 11 fiction, 5 poetry
  • GENDER: 9 female, 21 male, 0 trans
  • ETHNICITY: 6 POC, 24 white
  • SEXUALITY: 3 queer, 27 straight

Not a great showing, but nor was 2015 a great year. Here’s to being better in 2016.

UPDATE: Since 2004, I’ve averaged 42.25 books read a year. This number will continue to go down as I get farther and farther away from gradschool.

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