New Cupboard: Becoming Monster

I include “The Cupboard” as a post category and really rarely ever use it.

The Cupboard is a quarterly pamphlet of creative prose I put together with two friends in different cities. It used to be an anonymous pamphlet stapled together by clumsy hands and left in places around Lincoln, Nebraska. Now it’s basically a series of prose chapbooks. Still printed in Lincoln, but distributed through the mail. It’s often a lot of work but it’s rarely thankless. I’m proud of it.

Here’s the cover for our latest volume, out last week:

It’s an examination of the monstrous and the human and how they might intersect. Christopher Higgs is the right kind of person to be thinking about this. Not because he’s a monster but because he’s a great thinker. A stand-up guy.

The great thing about The Cupboard is that books only cost $5, which is what a beer costs in this town when you go macrobrew or local. Plus you can keep our books in your pocket much longer. Head over to our Web site to order a copy, or subscribe maybe and get four mailed to you over the course of a year(-ish).

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