Despite its colorfulness I don’t like the term earworm, but we all get songs stuck in our heads. Or? Man, is there someone who’s never had a song stuck in her head? I want to meet such a person.

At any rate, what I also have are songs that I start singing in my head to kill the earworms I get, songs that are incredibly catchy and sticky but which I also enjoy. I’ve got two, both extremely fey and twee. One’s Belle & Sebastian’s “White Collar Boy”:

The other’s Of Montreal’s “Labyrinthian Pomp”:

I’m especially fond of this stretch of the lyrics:

I got my Georgie Fruit on.
He’s a dark mutation
for my demented pastime:
giving replicators somewhere to go.
But we’re authentic.
You can test my talons
against your cursive body.
The Controller Spheres have disappeared and it hurts!

I think it’s the sudden shriek of pain after so much posturing and strut.

The whole point of this post is to get my three readers to post what their Earworm Killers are, as a kind of public service. When Katy Perry gets stuck in your head, what helps you boot her out?

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