Was Lieben die Deutschen?

Die Deutschen lieben ganz vieles!

So this was a thing we’d do in 8th grade German I class, taught by Frau um … who knows. The actual East German Frau teaching German at Herndon Intermediate School in 1991 and not the—Frau Griffith!

Her name was Frau Griffith!

At any rate, Family Guy had a thing last week about a show where a German man approved a series of named things by saying “Das is gut,” which I shouldn’t have to translate. It reminded me of this thing we’d do in 8th grade German I class. Frau Griffith would go: Also! Was lieben die Deutschen?

This means: “Okay, now! What do the Germans love?”

And we’d answer in a kind of list. Here’s the list:

  • Wandern
  • Blumen
  • Kaffee und Kuchen
  • Frische Luft
  • Bier
  • Schokolade
  • Ordnung

(i.e. hiking, flowers, coffee and cake, fresh air, beer, chocolate, and order. ORDNUNG!)

A question that was never asked = Who among earthlings doesn’t also love these things?

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