I’m Moving to California, Part 3

Dr. Robert E. Witt, Chancellor of The University of Alabama System, announced the following this afternoon:

“I am pleased to announce that Jo Bonner will join The University of Alabama System’s senior leadership team as Vice Chancellor for Government Relations and Economic Development on Aug. 16.

“Jo’s extensive government experience and outstanding economic development record make him ideally suited for this important new position.”

Dr. Judy Bonner, President of The University of Alabama and sister of Rep. Bonner, responded with the following statement:

“I am very pleased that Jo will continue to serve the state of Alabama in this new capacity with the UA System office. Certainly, his experience and expertise in the area of government relations and economic development will be invaluable as he works with all three campuses to enhance the quality of life for all Alabamians. On a personal level, I am very proud of him, of the contributions he has already made and the work he will accomplish in this new position.”

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