Ending All-Natural Peanut Butter Woes

Oh good grief.
Sugar is of nature, but adding sugar to peanut butter is, it seems, unnatural. We’re trying to cut down sugar use in this house, so we’re buying the kind of peanut butter consisting of merely peanuts and oil that comes in a tiered chemical preparation you have to stir to enjoy. And then either you continue to stir each time, or you store it in the fridge where eventually it becomes an inch of gritty oilless plaster it’s hard to spread on much of anything other than the hottest slice of toast.

In short: ANPB has two problems that make it not worth buying:

  1. Stirring is a pain and a mess and ends up with spilled oil dripping down the jar.
  2. One can’t get the same creamy consistency through the jar the way you can with some classic JIF.

This requires a twofold solution:

  1. When you get the jar home, turn it upside down so it rests on its lid for a day. Then stir on day two—you’ll find that half the job’s been done for you.
  2. After use, store it on its lid in the fridge.

The goal is to keep the oil, which rises, heavy at the bottom of the jar. It’s never been the case that I’ve had too-gritty PB at the top of a jar using this method, but if you did it’s easy to dip down into the depths and draw up the liquid you need.

I didn’t even get this off Lifehacker. No, I’m not the first person to come up with this plan. But that Wired guy doesn’t take care of the storage problem. And this method’s a lot better than—good lord—mixing PB in a separate bowl.

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