Wednesday Night Time Passery

It’s a staycation spring break y’all. The only possible reason that we should have three bottles of three different brands of spiced rum is that … why do we have three bottles of three different brands of spiced rum and no workaday whiskeys in this house on staycation spring break?

I imagine college kids are swallowing gallons of rum and coke this week. Why not make your boyfriend use his superior palate to decide Which Spiced Rum We Sha’n’t Run From?

Here you’ll see, in alphabetical order, what we have on hand. Captain Morgan 100 Proof Spiced Rum ($21.99), The Kraken Black Spiced Rum ($19.99), and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum ($17.99).

There’s a marked difference in color with the Kraken (hence “black spiced”) and a subtle difference with the others.

Like’s some kind of resource.

I gave them, blind, to Neal, as I’ve got my grandmother’s palate. Neal liked

  1. The Kraken
  2. Sailor Jerry
  3. Captain Morgan

That is to say, he liked them darker to lighter, and lowest proof to highest. I tasted them unblindly and agree. The Captain hurt my throat, the Sailor was the easiest, but the Kraken had the most interesting mouthfeel.

Cue Japanese pornographers. Now I get to kill off a few of these cans of high-octane Coke in the insulated cups our onetime realtor handed us one wishful afternoon. Thanks, Donna, Neal, various Zeuses!

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