1990 episode of MTV’s Half-Hour Comedy Hour

I love everything about this relic:

I love that Bill Hicks is still alive, and that Carlin gets interviewed with some amazing TV production effects. I love that the animated bumps make fun of hack comics as though hack comics aren’t part of the actual show (Elon Gold, I’m looking in your 1990 direction). Gold’s kind of interesting as a hack impressionist in that he opens his set with impressions of other better-known comics. Which seems like hackwork to a new unhacky degree?

BUT: can anyone who watches this identify the second comic he impersonates (around 2:20) after Ed Grimley and before Bobcat Goldthwait?

ALSO: Watch this for the commercials, if anything. There’s an AMAZING Scientology commercial at 09:10 (after a promo for MTV’s radio station giveaway you might remember) and a great AT&T commercial starring David Duchovny and I think Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince of Bel Air that starts around 20:45.

I’d go down on “perky Martha Quinn” to nab a complete set of episodes….

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