Tig Notaro’s “I Have Cancer” Set Coming to This American Life

Just a quick post, because I just got this news, and it’s the second best news I got today. Which means the other news was super great, because this news? Jesus!


For those not obsessively following standup news, a few weeks ago the very incredible Tig Notaro (you may know her as sexy lady cop “Tig” on The Sarah Silverman Program) did a set at Largo in LA that revealed she had Stage 2 breast cancer. She killed in ways that everyone who was there said were amazing, one-of-a-kind, and indescribable.

Here’s Louis CK, who was lucky enough to decide to do a surprise set at Largo that night, tweeting about it:

I’ve told people two things about this:

  1. I would pay Seinfeld-at-the-Kennedy-Center money to see a video of this set.
  2. That no fan-shot video of this set exists on YouTube is perfect and awesome and exactly why I think standup is important and should never be recorded for uploading to YouTube.

I’ve been torn, in other words. Now, it seems as though Notaro has sent audio to increasingly-big-friend-to-standups Ira Glass, and we’ll be hearing it on NPR very soon.

Thanks to the ever-swift Splitsider for breaking the news (to me).

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