NY & DC Comedy Trip Roundup

Best laid plans…. Here are the comics I ended up seeing in New York:

Elna Baker
Kevin Townley
Eliot Glazer
Kate McKinnon
Cintra Wilson
Julie Klausner
Evan Q. Franceschini
Josh Ruben
H. Jon Benjamin
George Gordon
John Roy
Adam Sokol
Kara Klenk
James Harris
Matt McCarthy
Mike Feeney
Liz Miehle
Todd Barry
Scott Sharp
Chris Difate
Andy Hendrickson
Hannibal Buress
Scotland Green
Seaton Smith
Hari Kondabolu
Dwayne Kennedy
Ari Shaffir
Kevin Avery
Louis Katz
Sharon Spell
Sara Schaefer
Christian Finnegan
Leo Allen
Anthony DeVito
Yannis Pappas
Judah Friedlander
Al Madrigal
Brendon Walsh
Aziz Ansari
Jermaine Fowler
First Comedy Cellar Guy I Couldn’t Write the Name Down Of Because NO NOTETAKING!
Second Comedy Cellar Guy
Darrell Hammond
Aziz Ansari
Dave Attell
Sixth Comedy Cellar Guy God Damn It
Greer Barnes
Max Silvestri
Mike Racine
Leo Allen
John Roberts
Brendon Walsh
Gabe Liedman
John Mulaney
Aziz Ansari
Herbie Gill
Jeff Maurer
John Mulaney
Chuck Martin
Jerry Seinfeld

That’s 60 total standup or hosting sets I watched in ten days. Eight of those were women. That’s a 13 percent showing. Poor form, NYC! Outside of the Ted Talks show I saw at Littlefield in Gowanus, I was only able to see women perform in group shows at UCB East. Not the Comedy Cellar (whose booker is a woman), nor beloved shows Whiplash and Big Terrific.

Sure: I missed some shows I needed to catch. It’s not like Janeane Garofalo wasn’t at Union Hall that one night, or Judy Gold didn’t do that all-queer show I skipped. But what does it mean that this is the lineup for the upcoming New York Comedy Festival?

Kevin Hart
Aziz Ansari
Bill Maher
Robin Williams in conversation with David Steinberg
Ricky Gervais in conversation with John Hodgman
Jim Gaffigan
Patton Oswalt
Brian Regan
Artie Lange
Rob Delaney
Marlon and Shawn Wayans

Marlon and Shawn Wayans are funnier than any one woman, clearly.

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