BlogWeek, Day Three: Cabana Soaps

One shame in being sick is the way you let yourself go in terms of showering. I showered Sunday for the first time since Thursday morning. Is it gross? I was glad for the cinnamon sweet orange soap we had in the bathroom. Really? I’m going to blog about soap? I’m going to blog about soap. Cabana Soaps bills itself as a sensory experience, and this is accurate. It’s saying little of a soap that you get to smell it while you wash with it. Every soap smells. Cabana Soaps smell better than most soaps, but they feel good. I feel like I can feel how good glad my skin feels when I use them. Also: Zac when he makes soap uses nothing artificial. It’s to other farmers’ market soaps what other farmers’ market soaps are to Dial or something. He’ll ship some to your house!

5 thoughts on “BlogWeek, Day Three: Cabana Soaps”

  1. In my defense I wrote this while still sick. Also these soaps are the best and I’m now a certified mommy blogger.

  2. I just bought some Wednesday morning and tried is that night. Wow, it did everything he said it world. I too concur with the above post.

  3. I’ve been purchasing this soap from our local farmer’s market here in Saginaw, and I love it. I use it to shower with because after showering, I don’t need to put lotion on my feet. Store bought soap causes that white crusty skin to build up underneath your feet, and it gets thicker and thicker daily. However, with this soap, your feet stay smooth. I will never go back to store bought soap again. Good job you guys, or whomever is making this soap. Shellie

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