Pop Quiz: The Authentic Animal, Chapter 7

Please answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper and turn this sheet and your answers back in to the instructor when you have completed the quiz.

1. What was the name of the murderer and grave robber from Plainfield, Wisconsin who decorated his house with human body parts?
A. Norman Bates
B. Robert Bloch
C. Edward Gein
D. Buffalo Bill
E. Thomas Harris

2. Who is perhaps the most famous “victim” of human preservation? (Hint: he brought about the rise of communism in Russia).
A. Josef Stalin
B. Ed Gein
C. Karl Marx
D. Vladimir Lenin
E. Gunther von Hagens

3. What group of human beings was likely used in Bodies . . . The Exhibition?
A. Executed Chinese prisoners
B. Volunteers from around the world
C. Victims of cancer
D. Individuals who died in auto fatalities

4. Who is the author of Animal Liberation? (Hint: It is referred to in The Authentic Animal as the PETA bible).
A. Carl Ackeley [sic]
B. Peter Singer
C. John Harvey Kellogg
D. Mary Jobe Akeley

5. What name did Carl Akeley give to the orphaned gorilla that one of his guides speared after he shot its mother?


[From my pal Cody Lumpkin’s fall 2011 1st-year writing class at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.]

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