Very Good Paragraphs

From Mike Hale’s review of “Friends with Benefits”—not the movie everyone’s heard of, but the Friday-evening NBC sitcom that just premiered and has a shelf life of most leafy greens (my emphasis):

Focusing on a five-member ensemble — three bumbling, grating men and the two attractive, relentlessly energetic, sexually pliable women, who mysteriously choose to hang out and hook up with them — it combines a single-camera, mildly absurdist style and raunchy humor with stock sitcom situations. It’s the kind of show in which a lamely suggestive joke about a vajazzled woman — one with a bejeweled genital area — giving birth (“The kid came out looking like a disco ball!”) is followed by reaction shots of everyone in the scene laughing. That’s what you do when you’re too cool for a laugh track but too insecure to let the jokes speak for themselves.

Let me never see this show.

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