TAA Outtake No. 4: Beach Edition

On vacation this week. My outtake’ll have to be brief. As brief as, say, this swimsuit?

The notion of Miss TASCO 2008—those words, in fact—do appear in the book, but not this image. It came folded up Playboy-style in the 2008 catalogue for the Taxidermy Arts Supply Co., owned and operated by Dan Rinehart.

Mr. Rinehart: I thank you once again for letting me hang out in your taxidermy school for a day and take notes and ask people questions. I did my best to honor your students and you and the work you’ve accomplished with your school and supply company. Please don’t sue me for posting this image here.

The rumor is that Ms. Rezendes was a former student of Rinehart’s School of Taxidermy. Even less surprising: there are no more planned Miss TASCOs for the future. The shame about this is that in 2009, TASCO launched its CAD Series of deerforms, which come no only with preset eyes, but also pre-sculpted and pre-painted nostrils.

It woulda made a splash draped by a model.

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