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The Authentic Animal‘s got an ISBN now: 978-0312643713 if you use the new ISBN-13 designation, and all authorities tell me you’d better. This means the book’s pre-orderable through and Barnes & Noble and other online vendors. I’m still deciding whether to use DAve Madden as some groundbreaking nom de plume. The big letters spell “DAM”, which is what you’ll be thinking as you turn every page.

Pure Products is a well named reading series here in Tuscaloosa organized by very good guys Ryan Browne and Carl Peterson. They invited me to read this term—or maybe I just volunteered actually—and I’m doing it Wednesday night. I’m hoping to read brand new stuff no one’s ever read or heard before, but this depends on the kind of work I can get done tomorrow and Wednesday mornings and you know AWP’s draining effects still linger.

At any rate, the reading is at Little Willie’s in Tuscaloosa and starts at 7pm. I’m reading with some very great people. If you are in Alabama, please try to come out for it. I promise to wear something visually interesting, as a kind of dazzleflage tactic.

UPDATE: So owing to a lack of Customer Discussions on my book’s Amazon page, Amazon has decided to suggest related discussions interested buyers of the book may want to browse. They are as follows:

  • Men and infidelity
  • a selfish request
  • Global warming is nothing but a hoax and a scare tactic
  • Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?
  • The torrent of global warming denialist postings on this and other forums is being directed and financed by fossil fuel-related firms
  • Miller/Urey experiment proves that life evolved… or not…
  • Any good anti-troll slogans?
  • Anyone has a theory of the symbolism of PI 3.14 ?

These will be probably infinitely more entertaining than anything my book might muster up.

2 thoughts on “Promotional Consideration”

  1. Something else you should do is set up an Associates account for yourself on amazon (I’m not sure what B&N has, but perhaps something similar as well). Then, whenever you link the book (through this site, facebook, or any other online presence), use the URL with the referral account tagged on and you’ll get another small kickback from each copy sold when someone clicks through said link and orders a copy.

    Consider it a secondary royalty for doing the legwork on your own promotion.

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