Rough Seas

To the right over there you’ll find a smalled-down version of the first page of Bing results when one searches “Dave Madden”. If you look closely, you’ll find a certain Web page missing from the list.

I don’t want to be a prima donna, but I mean, I’ve read all the posts and commentary lately about how Google is no longer as relevant as it once was. How it’s been hijacked by spam and it’s getting harder and harder to find relevant pages. But I’ll have you know that googling “Dave Madden” brings this page up fourth—after the Partridge Family guy’s Wikipedia page, the main page for some Austin singer-songwriter, and the Canadian Partridge guy’s IMDB page.

So, Bing. What’s going on? Am I not relevant enough to you? Is this for all the bad things I’ve said about MS Windows in the past?

I’m sorry. I feel you taking over. Please promote my Web presence?

One thought on “Rough Seas”

  1. Your site came up 14th when I searched. Having a twitter account will help get people to your site faster.

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