I Read before the Whole World

“Who wants to buy a 1995 Toyota Celica? I see a nice one right over there….”

Last month, when I gave a reading from The Authentic Animal for my colleagues and students at the University of Alabama, there was someone pointing a tiny box at me the whole time. I knew it was a camera, I just knew it.

If you’d like to hear some stuff on jackalopes and terrorizing monkeys, you can find it at itunes.ua.edu. You need to have iTunes installed on your computer, and you’ll need to find the “Bankhead Visiting Writers” collection under the category of “literature”.


And you’ll need to forgive the voice I apparently solicited Ray Romano to provide. Why did no one tell me I sound so froggy? “Something from the grill, Jill?” “Meat makes me ill, Gil.”

Do, though, stay tuned or like fast forward to Kellie Wells, who reads this amazing story about terrorizing mutant rabbits.

Animals are dangerous, clearly.

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