“In the Desert Air”

It’s not my best title, but I’ve got an essay up in the new issue of Noö. That is, the new Noö. It’s about a single night I spent with a friend on a cross-country trip taken so long ago it feels like ancient history.

Thanks to Adam for asking me to be a part of it, and to Mike and Ryan for putting together this guest-editor-rotating online venue.

One thought on ““In the Desert Air””

  1. Guh it’s so very true. All of it. Such a wonderful evening and end to that particular day, and I think among that trips various moments, that’s one that sticks out for me too, for many of the same reasons you point out. I miss that trip, as adulthood crowds in around me. I miss it a great deal.

    Side note – I don’t think we stuck to interstates THAT much, excepting Tennessee (where East/West alternatives are scarce and Herndon, AR beckons) and then the ride home, when I was out of money.

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