Octopus Magazine

octobeetleIt helps to have schtick when yer online, but Octopus Magazine’s schtick is handled better than one would expect. Every issue plays off the number eight in some way. Last time, or maybe the time before that, they had 88 poets featured in the journal, which is massive and great. This time they have only eight, but these eight are all introduced by eight other poets. Or people. Which I imagine would feel great if you were one of those featured eight. Like you’re in some kind of anthology.

There’s also reviews of other poets, one of which is written by yours truly. I’d never reviewed a poetry book before, and such is the result of a person reviewing a poetry book who reads maybe one poetry book a year. I shirked a lot of duties, I guess is what I’m saying.

Still and all: go read Octopus. It’s almost like the Internet was invented to increase poetry’s audience. Poems are so much more fun to read online than blog posts.

You can go grab just one and then get back to your other work.

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