The Joys of New York

For the last fifteen minutes, someone has been double-parked in what might a BMW outside with all windows and the sunroof open, playing top 40 hip-hop radio more loudly than I thought cars could. Just, like, so loud.

Were I an echt New Yorker and not some idiot housesitting for 10 days, I would have shouted “Turn it down ya jackass!” Instead I just stared from the three-stories-up window.

Then, just now, a nice older lady in culottes from across the street came out of her house and walked up to the car. She had a knowing smile on her face. All she did was stand next to the driver’s window and put her fingers in her ears. What else could she do, really, with all the noise.

The radio was promptly muted. I’d never get such results. Who can deny a senior citizen her quiet?

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